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This page lists DAB ensembles in Bedfordshire.
For a changelog, see @BedsDAB on Twitter, or the changelog page (which also links to historic data).

Herts Beds Bucks

C0CEMKFM64DAB AudioPop Music
C1CERadio UP64DAB AudioPop Music
C363Heart 4 Counties128DAB AudioPop Music
C47FCapital UK128DAB AudioPop Music
C637BBC 3CR128DAB AudioTalk
C7E2Hits Radio80DAB AudioPop Music
C8CCSmooth 3Counties128DAB AudioEasy Listening
C9E5Greatest Hits80DAB AudioPop Music

SDL National

C0D8talkRADIO 64DAB AudioNews
C1D8talkSPORT 2 64DAB AudioSport
C3D8Virgin Radio 80DAB AudioPop Music
C3EBLove SPORT 24DAB+ AudioSport
C5D8Mellow Magic 80DAB AudioEasy Listening
C5E0ForcesRadio BFBS24DAB+ AudioPop Music
C7D8Planet Rock 80DAB AudioRock Music
C7E6Virgin Anthems 32DAB+ AudioPop Music
C7FFUnion JACK 32DAB+ AudioRock Music
C8D8Absolute Rad 80s80DAB AudioPop Music
C8E6Virgin Chilled 32DAB+ AudioPop Music
C9D8Sunrise Radio UK64DAB AudioPop Music
CAC2Absolute Rad 90s80DAB AudioPop Music
CAD7Jazz FM Stereo 32DAB+ AudioJazz and Blues
CAE0JACK Radio (UK) 32DAB+ AudioPop Music
CBD8UCB 2 64DAB AudioReligion
CCD8PremierChristian64DAB AudioReligion
CDD8Premier Praise 64DAB AudioReligion
CDE6Scala Radio 112DAB AudioClassical Music
CFD8Fun Kids UK 24DAB+ AudioChildren's

BBC National DAB

C221BBC Radio 1 128DAB AudioPop Music
C222BBC Radio 2 128DAB AudioPop Music
C223BBC Radio 3 192DAB AudioArts
C224BBC Radio 4 128DAB AudioTalk
C225BBC Radio 5 Live80DAB AudioNews
C22ABBC Radio 1Xtra 128DAB AudioOther Music
C22BBBC Radio 6Music128DAB AudioRock Music
C22CBBC Radio 4Extra80DAB AudioTalk
C236BBC AsianNetwork64DAB AudioTalk
C238BBC WorldService64DAB AudioTalk
E1C79E5EBBC Guide (data)32Multimedia Object Transfer (MOT) DataSPI, was EPG

D1 National

C0C0talkSPORT 64DAB AudioSport
C0C2LBC 64DAB AudioTalk
C0C6Magic 80DAB AudioPop Music
C1C0Absolute Radio 80DAB AudioRock Music
C1DCHeart 80s 40DAB+ AudioPop Music
C2A1Classic FM 128DAB AudioLight Classical
C37BCapital XTRA 40DAB+ AudioPop Music
C4CAUCB 1 64DAB AudioReligion
C4CDRadio X 40DAB+ AudioRock Music
C5C0KISS 80DAB AudioPop Music
C5DACapital UK 80DAB AudioPop Music
C6C0Smooth Extra 32DAB+ AudioEasy Listening
C8EALBC News 32DAB+ AudioNews
CAE9Heart 70s 40DAB+ AudioPop Music
CBE9Heart 90s 40DAB+ AudioPop Music
CCE9CapXTRA Reloaded40DAB+ AudioPop Music
CEE8Gold UK 40DAB+ AudioEasy Listening
CFD1Heart extra 32DAB+ AudioPop Music
CFE8Heart Dance 40DAB+ AudioPop Music
E1C000BAINRIX UK TPEG (data)16Transparent Data Channel (TDC) DataTPEG

FM Channels

95.5BBC 3CR

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