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This script ("icl.cgi") is provided as-is without warranty of any kind. Although it shouldn't crash your server, delete your files or do anything else bad, I do not accept any responsibility for anything that happens directly or indirectly as a result of running this script. All use is at your own risk. I expressly forbid usage of this script for displaying the UK DTT service EPG, except as part of a larger site which also shows other country's services. For usage in a commercial environment or any other use which provides financial benefit (eg. selling this script), please contact me first. It is also not permitted to distribute this script in a modified form without my permission. If you use this script on your website then there must be a link to and appropriate credit given.
In the event that the live version of this script disappears or is not updated for a long period of time (>1 year), and I am not contactable, then this script can be used freely on any site.
By downloading and using this script you are agreeing to these terms.

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The documentation inside the archive is in AmigaGuide format, which I appreciate is not easily readable for most people.

Click here to view the HTML version of the documentation.