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Channel updates:

2019-01-16Channel 42, Travel Channel, has changed to DMAX on COM6
2019-01-15Channel 794, True Entertainment, has been removed from COM4 (England)
2019-01-10More4+1 has moved from channel 86 to channel 792 on COM8.
2019-01-10Channel 45, Film4+1, has been removed from PSB3 (England)
2019-01-10More4+1 has been added to PSB3 (England) as channel 86
2019-01-10Film4+1 has been added to PSB2 (Anglia) as channel 45
2019-01-08Channel 210, Tiny Pop+1, has been removed from @ManchesterTVNet
2019-01-08truTV has been added to @ManchesterTVNet as channel 68
2019-01-08Channel 68, truTV, has been removed from #localtv mux (Madingley)
2019-01-08Sony Crime Channel has been added to #localtv mux (Madingley) as channel 40
2019-01-08Channel 272, Bollywood HD, has been removed from COM7
2019-01-08True Entertainment has been added to COM5 as channel 61
2019-01-08Sony Crime Channel has moved from channel 40 to channel 793 on COM5.
2019-01-08True Entertainment has moved from channel 61 to channel 794 on COM4 (England).
2019-01-08Channel 791, Sewing Quarter, has been removed from PSB2 (Anglia)
2019-01-07Jewellery Maker has been added to COM7 as channel 74
2019-01-07Sewing Quarter has been added to COM6 as channel 73
2019-01-07Jewellery Maker has moved from channel 74 to channel 790 on COM6.
2019-01-07Sewing Quarter has moved from channel 73 to channel 791 on PSB2 (Anglia).
2019-01-07Channel 75, True Christmas +1, has changed to True Movies +1 on @ManchesterTVNet
2019-01-03Channel 88, NOW XMAS, has changed to NOW 80s on COM8
2019-01-03Channel 62, True Christmas, has changed to True Movies on COM6
2019-01-03Channel 95, The Store, has been removed from COM4 (England)
2018-12-135STAR+1 has moved from channel 55 to channel 56 on COM8.
2018-12-135USA+1 has moved from channel 56 to channel 57 on COM7.
2018-12-13Paramount Network has moved from channel 57 to channel 54 on COM4 (England).
2018-12-13QUEST+1 has moved from channel 83 to channel 76 on COM4 (England).
2018-12-135SELECT has moved from channel 54 to channel 55 on COM4 (England).
2018-12-05Channel 39, CBS Action, has changed to CBS Justice on COM6
2018-11-29Channel 92, Rocks & Co 1, has been removed from COM8
2018-11-22Yesterday+1 has been added to COM7 as channel 99
2018-11-20Channel 88, NOW 80s, has changed to NOW XMAS on COM8
2018-11-12FreeSports has moved from channel 95 to channel 64 on COM8.
2018-11-12Channel 82, Vintage TV, has been removed from COM7
2018-11-12The Store has moved from channel 64 to channel 95 on COM4 (England).
2018-11-07Channel 75, The Vault, has changed to True Christmas +1 on @ManchesterTVNet
2018-10-04Channel 274, Asia TV, has been removed from COM4 (England)
2018-09-24Quest Red+1 has moved from channel 84 to channel 78 on COM7.
2018-09-24Channel 62, True Movies, has changed to True Christmas on COM6/ARQB

Licence updates:

2019-01-17Removed DTT channel licence: TravelChannel
2019-01-17Removed DTT channel licence: FoodNetwork
2019-01-16New dtps channel licence: DMAX
2019-01-11New dtps channel licence: TrueMovies
2019-01-11Removed DTT channel licence: TrueChristmas1
2018-12-31New dtps channel licence: NOW80s
2018-12-31Removed DTT channel licence: NOWXMAS
2018-12-24New dtps channel licence: SonyCrimeChannel
2018-12-24Removed DTT channel licence: TrueCrime
2018-12-07New dtps channel licence: CBSJustice
2018-12-07Removed DTT channel licence: CBSJustsice
2018-12-05New dtps channel licence: CBSJustsice
2018-12-05New dtps channel licence: CBSJustice1
2018-12-05Removed DTT channel licence: CBSAction1
2018-12-05Removed DTT channel licence: CBSAction
2018-11-21New dtps channel licence: NOWXMAS
2018-11-21Removed DTT channel licence: NOW80s
2018-11-02New dtps channel licence: TheStore
2018-11-02Removed DTT channel licence: TheStoreDTT
2018-10-15Removed DTT channel licence: HeartTV
2018-10-15Removed DTT channel licence: CapitalTV
2018-10-09New dtps channel licence: CLTV