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700MHz clearance is underway, expect retunes as muxes change frequencies.
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 1Regional variationsPSB124hr 
 2Regional variationsPSB124hr 
 3Regional variationsPSB224hr 
 4Regional variationsPSB224hr 
 7Regional variationsPSB124hr 
 8Regional variationsLOC24hr 
 9Regional variationsPSB11200-0000 
 13Regional variationsPSB224hr 
 26Regional variationsCOM424hr 
 29COM624hrKerrang/Kiss/Magic on red button (IPTV)
 32COM524hrto become Sony Movies 10 Sep 2019
 33Regional variationsPSB224hr 
 35COM61900-1300IPTV portal on red button
 40COM424hrto become Sony Movies Action 10 Sep 2019
 42COM624hrTo become HGTV
 48LOC24hrto become Sony Channel 10 Sep 2019
 49COM524hrvia IPTV on red button when off-air
 50LOC24hrto become Sony Movies Christmas/Classic 10 Sep 2019/Jan 2020
 73COM60800-1300via IPTV when off-air
 75PSB11900-0530To move to 1-24 channel range by 4 Jan 2021
 85COM40400-1900via IPTV when off air
 101Regional variationsPSB324hr 
 102Regional variationsPSB324hr 
 103Regional variationsPSB324hr 
 204Regional variationsPSB324hr 
 208GMAN24hrvia IPTV on red button when off-air
 234COM624hrRTД on red button (IPTV)
 678COM50300-0700via IPTV when off-air
 792COM824hrExpected to move to nation wide mux