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700MHz clearance is underway, expect retunes as muxes change frequencies.
 LCN v xChannel name xType xMux xComments x
 1Regional variationsTVPSB1 
 2Regional variationsTVPSB1 
 3Regional variationsTVPSB2 
 4Regional variationsTVPSB2 
 7Regional variationsTVPSB1 
 8Regional variationsTVLOC 
 9Regional variationsTVPSB1 
 13Regional variationsTVPSB2 
 26Regional variationsTVCOM4 
 29TVCOM6Kerrang/Kiss/Magic on red button (IPTV)
 33Regional variationsTVPSB2 
 35TVCOM6IPTV portal on red button
 42TVCOM6To become HGTV
 50TVLOCto become Sony Movies Classic in Jan 2020
 61TVGMANTimes are estimates
 62TVGMANTimes are estimates
 68TVPSB1To move to 1-24 channel range by 4 Jan 2021
 73TVCOM6Sewing Quarter/Jewellery Maker IPTV
 84TVCOM5IPTV when off-air
 101Regional variationsHDTVPSB3 
 102Regional variationsHDTVPSB3 
 103Regional variationsHDTVPSB3 
 204Regional variationsHDTVPSB3 
 208TVGMANvia IPTV on red button when off-air
 234TVCOM6RTД on red button (IPTV)
 674PPV TVCOM6Free between 0200-0500
 792TVCOM8Expected to move to nation wide mux