British Isles[Change Region]


700MHz clearance is underway, expect retunes as muxes change frequencies.
 LCNChannel nameTypeMuxRegions
 734BBC EssexRadioPSB1BBC regions: East E [+]
BBC regions: London [+]
BBC regions: South-East [+]
 734BBC NorthamptonRadioPSB1BBC regions: East W [+]
BBC regions: East Midlands [+]
British Isles (only)
British Isles: England (only)
 734BBC StokeRadioPSB1BBC regions: West Midlands: Derbyshire [+]
BBC regions: West Midlands: Shropshire [+]
BBC regions: North-West [+]
 734RadioPSB1BBC regions: South [+]
BBC regions: South-West [+]
BBC regions: West [+]
 734BBC SheffieldRadioPSB1BBC regions: Yorkshire [+]
BBC regions: Yorks and Lincs [+]
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