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NB: This is historic data 'Snapshot 13/12/2018'

DTT channel list

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The main channel list is in the middle of a rewrite, some things may not be working as expected. You can also try the current channel list "live" version (Cambridge/Manchester).

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Current region: British Isles [change]

LCNChannel nameTypeMuxRegions
7BBC AlbaTVPSB1Scotland
(British Isles)
17ReallyTVCOM5Main transmitters (6MUX)
27ITV2 +1TVCOM4SDN mux
474sevenTVCOM6Main transmitters (6MUX)
57Paramount NetworkTVCOM4SDN mux
67CBS Reality +1TVCOM7600MHz temporary mux
70Horror ChannelTVCOM4Main transmitters (6MUX)
71CBS DramaTVCOM6Main transmitters (6MUX)
72YourTVTVCOM5Main transmitters (6MUX)
73Sewing QuarterTVPSB2British Isles
74Jewellery MakerTVCOM6Main transmitters (6MUX)
75True Christmas +1TVGMANManchester mux
(British Isles)
78Quest Red +1TVCOM7Main transmitters (6MUX)
79Dave Ja VuTVCOM6Main transmitters (6MUX)
87Keep It CountryTVCOM7600MHz temporary mux
97Pick+1TVCOM7600MHz temporary mux
(British Isles)
107BBC News HDHDTVCOM7600MHz temporary mux
(British Isles)
207Tiny PopTVLOCLocal TV mux
(British Isles)
270LoveworldPlaceholderCOM4SDN mux
271Juwelo UKIPTVCOM4SDN mux
272Bollywood HDVoDCOM7600MHz temporary mux
670ADULT SectionCaptionCOM4SDN mux
671Television XPay IPTVCOM4SDN mux
672ADULT smileTV2TVCOM6Main transmitters (6MUX)
673ADULT smileTV3TVCOM5Main transmitters (6MUX)
674ADULT BabestnPPV TVCOM6Main transmitters (6MUX)
678ADULT Xpanded TVTVCOM4except Wales
(British Isles)
679ADULT Studio 66TVCOM4SDN mux
(British Isles)
697697PlaceholderCOM5Main transmitters (6MUX)
700BBC Radio 1RadioPSB1British Isles
701BBC 1XtraRadioPSB1British Isles
702BBC Radio 2RadioPSB1British Isles
703BBC Radio 3RadioPSB1British Isles
704BBC Radio 4RadioPSB1British Isles
705BBC R5LRadioPSB1British Isles
706BBC 5LSXRadioPSB1British Isles
707BBC 6MusicRadioPSB1British Isles
708BBC Radio 4 ExtraRadioPSB1British Isles
709BBC Asian NetworkRadioPSB1British Isles
710BBC World ServiceRadioPSB1British Isles
711Hits RadioRadioCOM6Main transmitters (6MUX)
712KISS FRESHRadioCOM6Main transmitters (6MUX)
713KISSRadioCOM6Main transmitters (6MUX)
714KISSTORYRadioCOM6Main transmitters (6MUX)
715MagicRadioCOM6Main transmitters (6MUX)
716HeatRadioCOM6Main transmitters (6MUX)
717Kerrang!RadioCOM6Main transmitters (6MUX)
718Smooth RadioRadioCOM6Main transmitters (6MUX)
719BBC Radio WalesRadioPSB1Wales
(British Isles)
720BBC Radio CymruRadioPSB1Wales
(British Isles)
721BBC LondonRadioPSB1London
East W
East E
(British Isles)
722BBC WMRadioPSB1West Midlands
(British Isles)
723talkSPORTRadioCOM5Main transmitters (6MUX)
724CapitalRadioCOM4SDN mux
725Premier RadioRadioCOM6Main transmitters (6MUX)
727Absolute RadioRadioCOM4SDN mux
728HeartRadioCOM4SDN mux
729RTÉ RnaGRadioNIMUXNI mux
(British Isles)
730RNIB ConnectRadioCOM5Main transmitters (6MUX)
731Classic FMRadioCOM6Main transmitters (6MUX)
732LBCRadioCOM6Main transmitters (6MUX)
733Trans World RadioRadioCOM7600MHz temporary mux
(British Isles)
734BBC NorthamptonRadioPSB1East W
East Midlands
(British Isles)
735BBC DerbyRadioPSB1East Midlands
(British Isles)
795Arqiva Test ChannelPlaceholderCOM4SDN mux

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