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British Isles: England: Meridian: Bluebell Hill[Change Region]

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700MHz clearance is underway, expect retunes as muxes change frequencies.
 LCN v xChannel name xType xMux xComments x
 1Regional variationsTVPSB1 
 2Regional variationsTVPSB1 
 3Regional variationsTVPSB2 
 4Regional variationsTVPSB2 
 7Regional variationsTVLOC 
 9Regional variationsTVPSB1 
 18TVCOM6Kerrang/Kiss/Magic on red button (IPTV)
 26Regional variationsTVCOM4 
 28Regional variationsTVPSB2 
 33Regional variationsTVPSB2 
 35TVCOM6IPTV portal on red button
 49TVCOM5via IPTV on red button when off-air
 73TVPSB2Video slide outside 0800-1600
 74TVCOM6via IPTV on red button when off-air
 82TVCOM7Closed down 2 Aug 2018
 101Regional variationsHDTVPSB3 
 102Regional variationsHDTVPSB3 
 103Regional variationsHDTVPSB3 
 203TVCOM4Expected to extend hours to 9pm
 208TVLOCvia IPTV on red button when off-air
 234TVCOM6RTД on red button (IPTV)
 251365 TravelDataCOM4 
 261Pay IPTVCOM4 
 268Pay IPTVCOM4 
 272Bollywood HDVoDCOM7 
 274Asia TVIPTVCOM4 
 670ADULT SectionCaptionCOM4Information message only
 671Pay IPTVCOM4 
 678TVCOM4via IPTV when off-air
 695695CaptionCOM4Adult services spacer
 696696CaptionCOM4Adult services spacer
 697697CaptionCOM5Adult services spacer
 698698CaptionCOM6Adult services spacer
 699ADULT SectionCaptionCOM6Information message only
 700Regional variationsRadioPSB1 
 702Regional variationsRadioPSB1 
 703Regional variationsRadioPSB1 
 710Regional variationsRadioPSB1 
 719Regional variationsRadioPSB1 
 720BBC SussexRegional variationsRadioPSB1 
 721Regional variationsRadioPSB1 
 722BBC SurreyRegional variationsRadioPSB1 
 734BBC EssexRegional variationsRadioPSB1