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DTT channel list

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LCNChannel nameTypeMuxRegions
4Channel 4TVPSB2All regions except Wales
(British Isles)
14Film4TVPSB2British Isles
24ITV4TVPSB2British Isles
34PickTVCOM5Main transmitters (6MUX)
40Sony Movies ActionTVCOM4except Wales
(British Isles)
41Food NetworkTVCOM5Main transmitters (6MUX)
42HGTVTVCOM6Main transmitters (6MUX)
43Gems TVTVCOM5Main transmitters (6MUX)
44Channel 5 +1TVCOM4SDN mux
45Film4 +1TVCOM5SDN mux
46ChallengeTVCOM5Main transmitters (6MUX)
474sevenTVCOM5Main transmitters (6MUX)
104Channel 4 HDHDTVPSB3British Isles
Northern Ireland
Channel Islands
(British Isles)
234RTTVCOM6Main transmitters (6MUX)
264Vision TVIPTVCOM4SDN mux
674ADULT BabestnPPV TVCOM6Main transmitters (6MUX)
704BBC Radio 4RadioPSB1British Isles
714KISSTORYRadioCOM6Main transmitters (6MUX)
724CapitalRadioCOM4SDN mux

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