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This page shows near-live updated data for Cambridge. The regional channel list contains more information and all regions, and should be used in preference.

LCNChannel NameTypeMuxTimes (experimental)SIDCurrent Programme
1BBC ONE East WTVPSB10x104dLine of Duty
2BBC TWOTVPSB10x10bfAustralia: Earth's Magical Kingdom
9BBC FOURTVPSB11900 - 05000x11c0Call the Midwife: The Casebook
201CBBCTVPSB10x1200This is CBBC!
202CBeebiesTVPSB10500 - 19000x1240This Is CBeebies
231BBC NEWSTVPSB10x1100Our World
232BBC ParliamentTVPSB10x1280ACOBA Committee
250BBC Red ButtonTVPSB10x1140This is Red Button
601BBC RB 1TVPSB10x1c00Snooker: World Championship
700BBC Radio 1RadioPSB10x1a40Radio 1's Rock Show with Daniel...
701BBC R1XRadioPSB10x17001Xtra Talks with Richie Brave
702BBC Radio 2RadioPSB10x1a80Ricky Wilson's Rock and Roll...
703BBC Radio 3RadioPSB10x1ac0Record Review Extra
704BBC Radio 4RadioPSB10x1b00Money Box
705BBC R5LRadioPSB10x1600Stephen Nolan
706BBC R5SXRadioPSB10x1640Coming Up On 5 Live Sports Extra
707BBC 6 MusicRadioPSB10x1680Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone
708BBC Radio 4 ExRadioPSB10x16c0Desert Island Discs Revisited
709BBC Asian Net.RadioPSB10x1740Asian Network Represents
710BBC World Sv.RadioPSB10x1780BBC News
719BBC NorfolkRadioPSB10x1807Mark Punter
720BBC Three CountiesRadioPSB10x180dEdward Adoo
721BBC Radio LondonRadioPSB10x1804Tony Blackburn
722BBC CambridgeRadioPSB10x188dThe Folk Show
734BBC NorthamptonRadioPSB10x184dEdward Adoo

LCNChannel NameTypeMuxTimes (experimental)SIDCurrent Programme
3ITVTVPSB20x2042Casino Royale
4Channel 4TVPSB20x20c0New: Guy Martin Battle of Britain
5Channel 5TVPSB20x2134New: Rich House Poor House...
6ITV2TVPSB20x2085Family Guy
10ITV3TVPSB20x2066Inside the Crown: Secrets...
13E4TVPSB20x2100Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
14Film4TVPSB20x20c1Mechanic: Resurrection
15Channel 4+1TVPSB20x2104F1 Emilia Romagna GP Highlights
18More 4TVPSB20x20fa999: What's Your Emergency?
25ITV4TVPSB20x208aFYI Daily
29E4+1TVPSB20x210aNew: Batwoman
34ITV +1TVPSB20x20a5Casino Royale
100FreeviewDataPSB20x2198Find out more about Freeview
555Accessible TV GuideDataPSB20x2199Accessible TV Guide

LCNChannel NameTypeMuxTimes (experimental)SIDCurrent Programme
12QUESTTVCOM40x38a2The Repair Shop
16QVCTVCOM40x3340Frank Usher Fashion
20DramaTVCOM40x3f50Miss Marple
215 USATVCOM40x32c0Columbo: A Case of Immunity
27ITVBeTVCOM40x3df0New: The Only Way is Essex
28ITV2 +1TVCOM40x3e50FYI Daily
315STARTVCOM40x3280The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door
32Paramount NetworkTVCOM40x3ef0Blade 2
41Sony Movies ActionTVCOM40x3cd8Ride Lonesome
45Channel 5+1TVCOM40x32e0New: Happy Campers: The Caravan...
50TJCTVCOM40x3ce8Affordable Luxury
555SELECTTVCOM40x3ed0Churchill: A Gathering Storm
57ITVBe+1TVCOM40400 - 05000x3df8This is ITVBe+1
58ITV3+1TVCOM42100 - 04000x3e90Long Lost Family
59ITV4+1TVCOM40500 - 06000x3e30This Is ITV4+1
63BlazeTVCOM40500 - 02000x3830New: The Curse Of Civil War Gold
66CBS RealityTVCOM40x3870Ice Cold Killers
68Horror ChannelTVCOM40x3890The Innkeepers
73Drama +1TVCOM40x32d0Miss Marple
77TCCTVCOM40300 - 05000x3898TCC is back at 3am
80Blaze+1TVCOM40200 - 03000x3834Blaze+1 back at 3am
95Create & CraftTVCOM40x32c8Create & Craft Choice
203CITVTVCOM40600 - 21000x3ea0Mission Employable
211Ketchup TVDataCOM40x3f48Cocomelon
251365 TravelDataCOM40x39c0All Inclusive
252Kiss Chat & DateDataCOM40x3ae8Flirt With Me
253Proud DatingDataCOM40x3af8Rainbow Nation
263SonlifeDataCOM40x3aa8The Story Behind The Song
264VisionTVDataCOM40x3c6040 Channels Entertainment News and more
265On Demand 365DataCOM40x3ad8Sports & Documentaries on demand
269Arise NewsDataCOM40x3c48Global news and entertainment
271ChannelboxDataCOM40x3c58Smart channels for Connected TV
670ADULT SectionTVCOM40x3b60
680ADULT Xpanded2TVCOM40x38d0Xpanded2
724CapitalRadioCOM40x39a0Capital Evening Show - Jimmy Hill
727Absolute RadioRadioCOM40x3960The Sunday Night Music Club
728HeartRadioCOM40x3980Feel Good Weekend with Emma Bunton

LCNChannel NameTypeMuxTimes (experimental)SIDCurrent Programme
65TBN UKTVPSB30x4ec0
72Shopping QuarterTVPSB30x4f00
104Channel 4 HDHDTVPSB30x4500
105Channel 5 HDHDTVPSB30x4540

LCNChannel NameTypeMuxTimes (experimental)SIDCurrent Programme
11Sky ArtsTVCOM50x5680New: Hymn
17ReallyTVCOM50x5ca0Dr. Pimple Popper
19DaveTVCOM50x5700Have I Got A Bit More News For You
304MusicTVCOM50x5760The IT Crowd
35PickTVCOM50x56c0Britain's Most Evil Killers
39Quest RedTVCOM50x5cc0Bloodline Detectives
42Food NetworkTVCOM50x5a00Nigel Slater's Dish Of The Day
44Gems TVTVCOM50x5f80Huge Jewellery Savings
46Film4+1TVCOM50x57c0Super 8
47ChallengeTVCOM50x56d2The Chase Celebrity Specials
484sevenTVCOM50x5800Grand Designs
56Smithsonian ChannelTVCOM50700 - 03000x5a70Aerial Britain
69QUEST+1TVCOM50x5d00Salvage Hunters: The Restorers
74Yesterday+1TVCOM50500 - 07000x5d40Yesterday +1 is back at 5am
82Together TVTVCOM50300 - 00000x5e80Battle for Britain's Heroes
85Craft Store TVTVCOM50700 - 22000x5b20Ropenroll
233Sky NewsTVCOM50x5640Hotspots: On The Frontline
673ADULT smileTV3TVCOM52200 - 05000x5780Programmes start at 10pm
678ADULT Xpanded TVTVCOM50000 - 07000x5e40Xpanded TV
723talkSPORTRadioCOM50x5840The Fallen Jockey
730RNIB ConnectRadioCOM50x5860Pure 80s
731Classic FMRadioCOM50x5940Music for Monarchy
732LBCRadioCOM50x5960Ruth Davidson
733Trans World RadioRadioCOM50x5980Newsdesk

LCNChannel NameTypeMuxTimes (experimental)SIDCurrent Programme
22Ideal WorldTVCOM60700 - 00000x6540Car Shark Car Care Pick of the Day
23Dave ja vuTVCOM60x6dc0QI XL
26YesterdayTVCOM60x64c0'Allo 'Allo!
33Sony MoviesTVCOM60x6ce0Mr Brooks
36QVC BeautyTVCOM61900 - 13000x6e80Feel Good Beauty
37QVC StyleTVCOM61300 - 19000x6e60..programmes start again at 1pm
38DMAXTVCOM60x6c20Ed Stafford: Left for Dead
40CBS JusticeTVCOM60x6c60NCIS: Los Angeles
43HGTVTVCOM60x6d60A Place In The Sun
67CBS DramaTVCOM60x6c80Matlock
71Jewellery MakerTVCOM60800 - 13000x6a40Join us again at 8am
81TalkingPictures TVTVCOM60x6e40The Champions
84PBS AmericaTVCOM61300 - 23000x6d40The Amish: Shunned
206POPTVCOM60x6b20Space Chickens In Space
234RTTVCOM60x6b40Headline News
235Al Jazeera EngTVCOM60x6c40Witness
674ADULT BabestnTVCOM60100 - 05000x6d00Programmes start at 11pm
679ADULT Studio 66TVCOM62200 - 06000x6be0Studio 66 TV, programmes start at 22:00
699ADULT SectionTVCOM60x6bc0
711Hits RadioRadioCOM60x67c0Greg Burns - The Throwback
712KISS FRESHRadioCOM60x69a0Andi Durrant on KISS Fresh
713KISSRadioCOM60x6640KISS Life
714KISSTORYRadioCOM60x6880Matchstick on Sunday Night KISSTORY
715MagicRadioCOM60x6800Richard Allinson
716Greatest Hits RadioRadioCOM60x6680Greatest Brits: Women in Music
717Kerrang!RadioCOM60x66c0Kerrang! Radio: The Hijack
718Smooth RadioRadioCOM60x6700The Smooth Sanctuary at 7
725Premier RadioRadioCOM60x6e00All Souls in Praise with Noël Tredinnick

LCNChannel NameTypeMuxTimes (experimental)SIDCurrent Programme
7That's TVTVLOC0x805a70s Music Weekend
49Sony ChannelTVLOC0x84c0Classic Who Wants to Be A...
51Sony Movies ClassicTVLOC0x8500In The Heat Of The Night
60Sony Movies +1TVLOC0x8380Programmes resume at 10pm
94Ideal ExtraTVLOC0x8540Rattan Garden Furniture
207Tiny PopTVLOC0x82c0PJ Masks

LCNChannel NameTypeMuxTimes (experimental)SIDCurrent Programme
70Quest Red+1TVCOM70xa1d0
76NOW 80sTVCOM70xa100
86More4+1TVCOM70xa0f0Car S.O.S
87PBS America +1TVCOM70xa120
89Court TVTVCOM70xa130
96Forces TVTVCOM70xa140
106BBC FOUR HDHDTVCOM71900 - 05000xa010
111QVC HDHDTVCOM70400 - 02000xa060
112QVC Beauty HDHDTVCOM70200 - 04000xa068
113RT HDHDTVCOM70xa150
205CBeebies HDHDTVCOM70500 - 19000xa020