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Channel updates:

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2021-01-05Channel 84, NOW 80s, has changed to NOW 90s on @ManchesterTVNet
2021-01-05Channel 62, Sony Movies Christmas +1, has changed to Sony Movies Classic +1 on @ManchesterTVNet
2021-01-05Channel 51, Sony Movies Christmas, has changed to Sony Movies Classic on #localtv mux (Madingley)
2021-01-05Channel 7, That's Christmas, has changed to That's TV on #localtv mux (Madingley)
2021-01-05Channel 83, NOW XMAS, has changed to NOW 80s on COM7
2021-01-05Channel 261, Racing TV, has been removed from COM4 (England)
2021-01-05Channel 795, Arqiva Test Channel, has been removed from COM4 (England)
2020-12-07Jewellery Maker has moved from channel 73 to channel 71 on COM6.
2020-12-07Dave ja vu has moved from channel 79 to channel 23 on COM6.
2020-12-07Yesterday+1 has moved from channel 75 to channel 74 on COM5.
2020-12-07CCXTV has moved from channel 23 to channel 73 on COM4 (England).
2020-12-07Channel 211, Ketchup, has changed to Ketchup TV on COM4 (England)
2020-12-07Shopping Quarter has moved from channel 74 to channel 72 on PSB3 (England).
2020-11-19Channel 84, NOW 90s, has changed to NOW 80s on @ManchesterTVNet
2020-11-19Channel 83, NOW 80s, has changed to NOW XMAS on COM7
2020-11-12Channel 7, That's TV, has changed to That's Christmas on #localtv mux (Madingley)
2020-11-04Sony Movies Christmas has moved from channel 50 to channel 51 on #localtv mux (Madingley).
2020-11-04Sony Channel has moved from channel 48 to channel 49 on #localtv mux (Madingley).
2020-11-04Sony Movies has moved from channel 32 to channel 33 on COM6.
2020-11-04QVC Style has moved from channel 36 to channel 37 on COM6.