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DTT channel list

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LCNChannel nameTypeMuxHoursText
1BBC ONETVPSB124hrBBC Red Button
2BBC TWOTVPSB124hrBBC Red Button
7BBC AlbaTVPSB124hrBBC Red Button
9BBC ScotlandTVPSB11200-0000BBC Red Button
23BBC THREETVPSB11900-0530BBC Red Button
24BBC FOURTVPSB11900-0530BBC Red Button
95Craft ExtraPlaceholderCOM424hrIdeal World channels IPTV
100FreeviewDataPSB224hrFreeview Information / Freeview Explore
106BBC FOUR HDHDTVCOM71900-0530BBC Red Button
107BBC News HDHDTVCOM724hrBBC Red Button
108BBC Scotland HDHDTVPSB31900-0700BBC Red Button
109BBC Three HDHDTVPSB31900-0530BBC Red Button
201CBBCTVPSB10530-1900BBC Red Button
202CBeebiesTVPSB10530-1900BBC Red Button
204CBBC HDHDTVPSB30530-1900BBC Red Button
208POP MaxTVGMAN24hrIPTV (when off-air)
211Ketchup TVVoDCOM424hrKetchup / YAAAS!
212YAAAS!VoDCOM424hrKetchup / YAAAS!
231BBC NewsTVPSB124hrBBC Red Button
232BBC ParliamentTVPSB124hrBBC Red Button
250BBC Red ButtonDataPSB124hrBBC Red Button
252Kiss Chat & DateDataCOM424hrKiss Me TV
253Proud DatingDataCOM424hrProud Dating
264Vision TVIPTVCOM424hrVision TV
265On Demand 365VoDCOM424hrPlanet Knowledge
269Arise NewsIPTVCOM424hrArise News
272Asharq NewsIPTVCOM424hr
273Al ArabiyaIPTVCOM424hr
601BBC RB 1TVPSB124hrvia BBC Red Button
670ADULT SectionCaptionCOM424hr
673ADULT smileTV3PPV TVCOM52200-0500Kiss Me TV (when off-air)
699ADULT SectionCaptionCOM624hr
700BBC Radio 1RadioPSB124hrBBC Red Button with DLS
701BBC 1XtraRadioPSB124hrBBC Red Button with DLS
702BBC Radio 2RadioPSB124hrBBC Red Button with DLS
703BBC Radio 3RadioPSB124hrBBC Red Button with DLS
704BBC Radio 4RadioPSB124hrBBC Red Button with DLS
705BBC R5LRadioPSB124hrBBC Red Button with DLS
706BBC 5LSXRadioPSB124hrBBC Red Button with DLS
707BBC 6MusicRadioPSB124hrBBC Red Button with DLS
708BBC Radio 4 ExtraRadioPSB124hrBBC Red Button with DLS
709BBC Asian NetworkRadioPSB124hrBBC Red Button with DLS
710BBC World ServiceRadioPSB124hrBBC Red Button with DLS
719BBC Radio WalesRadioPSB124hrBBC Red Button with DLS
720BBC Radio CymruRadioPSB124hrBBC Red Button with DLS
721BBC LondonRadioPSB124hrBBC Red Button
722BBC WMRadioPSB124hrBBC Red Button
734BBC NorthamptonRadioPSB124hrBBC Red Button
735BBC DerbyRadioPSB124hrBBC Red Button

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