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DTT channel list

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LCNChannel nameRegionsComments
1BBC ONEChannel Islands
(British Isles)
1BBC ONE East WEast W
1BBC ONE East EEast E
1BBC ONE NE&CNorth-East (+C)
1BBC ONE E MidEast Midlands
1BBC ONE W MidWest Midlands
1BBC ONE NWestNorth-West
1BBC ONE WestWest
1BBC ONE SWestSouth-West
1BBC ONE LonLondon
1BBC ONE OxfOxford
1BBC ONE SouthSouth
1BBC ONE SEastSouth-East
1BBC ONE YorksYorkshire
1BBC ONE Yk&LiYorks and Lincs
1BBC ONE ScotlandScotland
1BBC ONE NINorthern Ireland
1BBC ONE WalesWales
2BBC TWOEngland
Channel Islands
(British Isles)
2BBC TWO WalesWales
2BBC TWO NINorthern Ireland
Channel Islands
(British Isles)
3ITV Border ScotlandBorder
3ITV WalesWales
3ITV (West)Ridge Hill West
3UTVNorthern Ireland
3stvSTV regions
4Channel 4All regions except Wales
(British Isles)
5Channel 5British Isles
6ITV2British Isles
7Channel 4Wales
7BBC AlbaScotland
(British Isles)
7That's TVBasingstoke
7That's TV ManchesterManchester
That's TV Manchester
7That's TV LancashirePreston
That's TV Lancashire
7Birmingham TVBirmingham
7Latest TVBrighton
7Bristol TVBristol
7Leeds TVLeeds
7Liverpool TVLiverpool
7Teesside TVMiddlesbrough
7Tyne & Wear TVNewcastle
7Notts TVNottingham
7Sheffield Live! TVSheffield
8That's TVCarlisle
8London LiveLondon
8That's TV ScotlandAberdeen
8Cardiff TVCardiff
(British Isles)
8North Wales TVMold
9BBC FOUREngland
Northern Ireland
Channel Islands
Expected to close
9BBC ScotlandScotland
(British Isles)
10ITV3British Isles
11Sky ArtsMain transmitters (6MUX)
13E4All regions except Wales
(British Isles)
14Film4British Isles
15Channel 4 +1British Isles
16QVCSDN mux
17ReallyMain transmitters (6MUX)
18More 4British Isles
19DaveMain transmitters (6MUX)
20DramaSDN mux
215USASDN mux
22TJCSDN mux
23BBC THREEBritish Isles
24BBC FOURScotland
(British Isles)
25WMain transmitters (6MUX)
26ITV4British Isles
27YesterdayMain transmitters (6MUX)
28ITVBeSDN mux
28ITVBeChannel Islands
29ITV2 +1SDN mux
30E4+1Main transmitters (6MUX)
314MusicMain transmitters (6MUX)
Being replaced by E4 Extra 29 June 2022
325STARSDN mux
34GREAT! moviesMain transmitters (6MUX)
35ITV +1ITV plc regions (excl. CI/NI)
(British Isles)
35UTV +1Northern Ireland
35stv +1STV regions
36PickMain transmitters (6MUX)
37QVC BeautyMain transmitters (6MUX)
38QVC StyleMain transmitters (6MUX)
39DMAXMain transmitters (6MUX)
40Quest RedMain transmitters (6MUX)
41Horror ChannelMain transmitters (6MUX)
Legend from 30 Jun 2022
42GREAT! movies actionexcept Wales
(British Isles)
43Food NetworkMain transmitters (6MUX)
44HGTVMain transmitters (6MUX)
45Gems TVMain transmitters (6MUX)
46Channel 5 +1SDN mux
47Film4 +1SDN mux
48ChallengeMain transmitters (6MUX)
494sevenMain transmitters (6MUX)
50GREAT! tvLocal TV mux
(British Isles)
51Ideal WorldMain transmitters (6MUX)
52GREAT! movies classicLocal TV mux
(British Isles)
53TG4NI mux
(British Isles)
54RTÉ 1NI mux
(British Isles)
55RTÉ 2NI mux
(British Isles)
565SELECTBritish Isles
57SmithsonianMain transmitters (6MUX)
58ITVBe +1SDN mux
59ITV3 +1SDN mux
60Drama +1Main transmitters (6MUX)
(British Isles)
61GREAT! movies +1Local TV mux
(British Isles)
62GREAT! tv +1Manchester mux
(British Isles)
63GREAT! movies classic +1Manchester mux
(British Isles)
64BlazeSDN mux
65FreeSports600MHz temporary mux
(British Isles)
Closing 30 Jun 2022
66TBN UKBritish Isles
67CBS RealitySDN mux
68CBS DramaMain transmitters (6MUX)
Reality Xtra from 30 Jun 2022, moving to Local mux
69CBS JusticeMain transmitters (6MUX)
Closing 30 Jun 2022
70QUEST +1Main transmitters (6MUX)
71Quest Red +1600MHz temporary mux
(British Isles)
Moving mux 29 Jun 2022
72Jewellery MakerMain transmitters (6MUX)
73HobbyMakerMain transmitters (6MUX)
74Dave ja vuSDN mux
75Yesterday +1Main transmitters (6MUX)
76NOW 70sManchester mux
(British Isles)
77NOW 80s600MHz temporary mux
(British Isles)
Moving to GMAN 30 Jun 2022
78TCCSDN mux
79NOW 90sManchester mux
(British Isles)
80Clubland TVManchester mux
(British Isles)
81Blaze+1SDN mux
82TalkingPictures TVMain transmitters (6MUX)
83Together TV600MHz temporary mux
(British Isles)
Moving to COM5 0300-0700 29 Jun 2022
84PBS AmericaMain transmitters (6MUX)
1300-0000 from 1 Jul 2022
85Create & CraftMain transmitters (6MUX)
86More4+1600MHz temporary mux
(British Isles)
Closing 30 Jun 2022
87PBS America +1600MHz temporary mux
(British Isles)
Closing 30 Jun 2022
88Country Music EntertainmentManchester mux
(British Isles)
89ITV4 +1SDN mux
90TV WarehouseManchester mux
(British Isles)
91That's TV (UK)600MHz temporary mux
(British Isles)
Moving to COM6 29 Jun 2022, moving to 65 30 Jun 2022
92That's Music600MHz temporary mux
(British Isles)
Moving mux, moving to 91, rebranding to Classic Hits 30 Jun 2022
95Craft ExtraMain transmitters (6MUX)
Closed down 25 Feb 2022, being removed 29 Jun 2022
96Forces TV600MHz temporary mux
(British Isles)
Closing 30 Jun 2022
97OD365.TVManchester mux
(British Isles)
Launching 1 Feb 2022
100FreeviewBritish Isles
101BBC ONE HDEngland
Channel Islands
(British Isles)
Expected to be regional by End 2023
101BBC 1 NI HDNorthern Ireland
101BBC 1 Scot HDScotland
101BBC 1 Wales HDWales
102BBC TWO HDEngland
Channel Islands
(British Isles)
102BBC 2 Wales HDWales
102BBC 2 NI HDNorthern Ireland
103ITV HDEngland
(British Isles)
103ITV Wales HDWales
103stv HDSTV regions
103UTV HDNorthern Ireland
104Channel 4 HDAll regions except Wales
104S4C HDWales
(British Isles)
105Channel 5 HDBritish Isles
106BBC FOUR HD600MHz temporary mux
(British Isles)
Moving to PSB3 29 June 2022 (temporarily unavailable until end Jul 2022)
107BBC News HD600MHz temporary mux
(British Isles)
Closing 30 Jun 2022
108BBC Scotland HDScotland
(British Isles)
109BBC Three HDEngland
Northern Ireland
Channel Islands
(British Isles)
110Channel 4 HDWales
(British Isles)
111QVC HD600MHz temporary mux
(British Isles)
Closing 30 Jun 2022
112QVC Beauty HD600MHz temporary mux
(British Isles)
Closing 30 Jun 2022
114QUEST HD600MHz temporary mux
(British Isles)
Closing 30 Jun 2022
201CBBCBritish Isles
Expected to close
202CBeebiesBritish Isles
203CITVSDN mux
204CBBC HDAll regions except Wales
(British Isles)
Expected to close
204CBBC HDWales
Expected to close
205CBeebies HD600MHz temporary mux
(British Isles)
Moving to PSB3 29 June 2022 (temporarily unavailable until end Jul 2022)
206POPMain transmitters (6MUX)
207Tiny PopLocal TV mux
(British Isles)
208POP PlayerSDN mux
211Ketchup TVSDN mux
212YAAAS!SDN mux
231BBC NewsBritish Isles
232BBC ParliamentBritish Isles
233Sky NewsMain transmitters (6MUX)
235Al Jazeera EngMain transmitters (6MUX)
236GB NewsMain transmitters (6MUX)
237Talk TVBritish Isles
250BBC Red ButtonBritish Isles
263SonlifeMain transmitters (6MUX)
264Vision TVSDN mux
265On Demand 365SDN mux
Planet Knowledge/Sports Channel Network
269Arise NewsSDN mux
271ChannelboxSDN mux
272Asharq NewsSDN mux
273Al ArabiyaSDN mux
555Accessible TV GuideBritish Isles
601BBC RB 1British Isles
670ADULT SectionSDN mux
Information message only
673ADULT smileTV3Main transmitters (6MUX)
Free between 0000-0500
674ADULT BabestnMain transmitters (6MUX)
0000-0500 from 1 Jul 2022
678ADULT Xpanded TVMain transmitters (6MUX)
695695SDN mux
Adult services spacer
696696SDN mux
Adult services spacer
697697Main transmitters (6MUX)
Adult services spacer
698698Main transmitters (6MUX)
Adult services spacer
699ADULT SectionMain transmitters (6MUX)
Information message only
700BBC Radio 1British Isles
701BBC 1XtraBritish Isles
702BBC Radio 2British Isles
703BBC Radio 3British Isles
704BBC Radio 4British Isles
705BBC R5LBritish Isles
706BBC 5LSXBritish Isles
707BBC 6MusicBritish Isles
708BBC Radio 4 ExtraBritish Isles
Expected to close
709BBC Asian NetworkBritish Isles
710BBC World ServiceBritish Isles
711Hits RadioMain transmitters (6MUX)
712KISS FRESHMain transmitters (6MUX)
713KISSMain transmitters (6MUX)
714KISSTORYMain transmitters (6MUX)
715MagicMain transmitters (6MUX)
716Greatest Hits RadioMain transmitters (6MUX)
717Kerrang!Main transmitters (6MUX)
718Smooth RadioMain transmitters (6MUX)
719BBC Radio ScotlandScotland
719BBC Radio WalesWales
(British Isles)
719BBC Radio UlsterNorthern Ireland
719BBC BristolWest
719BBC ManchesterNorth-West
719BBC KentSouth-East
719BBC LeedsYorkshire
719BBC NewcastleNorth-East (+C)
719BBC NorfolkEast W
East E
Yorks and Lincs
719BBC BerkshireLondon
719BBC CWRWest Midlands
719BBC JerseyChannel Islands
720BBC Radio CymruWales
(British Isles)
720BBC Radio Nan GaidhealScotland
720BBC Radio FoyleNorthern Ireland
720BBC DevonSouth-West
720BBC NottinghamEast Midlands
Yorks and Lincs
720BBC Three CountiesEast W
720BBC SussexSouth-East
720BBC SuffolkEast E
720BBC H&WWest Midlands
720BBC YorkYorkshire
North-East (+C)
720BBC LancashireNorth-West
721BBC GuernseyChannel Islands
721BBC LondonLondon
East W
East E
(British Isles)
721BBC ShropshireShropshire
721BBC LeicesterEast Midlands
721BBC WiltshireWest
721BBC CornwallSouth-West
721BBC HumbersideYorks and Lincs
721BBC Radio Cymru 2Wales
721BBC CumbriaNorth-East (+C)
722BBC WMWest Midlands
(British Isles)
722BBC CambridgeEast W
East E
722BBC SurreySouth-East
722BBC LincolnshireEast Midlands
Yorks and Lincs
722BBC SolentSouth
722BBC OxfordOxford
722BBC SomersetWest
722BBC MerseysideNorth-West
722BBC TeesNorth-East (+C)
723talkSPORTMain transmitters (6MUX)
724CapitalSDN mux
725Premier RadioMain transmitters (6MUX)
726BBC StokeDerbyshire
726BBC Solent (Dorset)South
727Absolute RadioSDN mux
728HeartSDN mux
729RTÉ RnaGNI mux
(British Isles)
730RNIB ConnectMain transmitters (6MUX)
731Classic FMMain transmitters (6MUX)
732LBCMain transmitters (6MUX)
733Trans World RadioMain transmitters (6MUX)
734BBC EssexEast E
734BBC NorthamptonEast W
East Midlands
(British Isles)
734BBC SheffieldYorkshire
Yorks and Lincs
735BBC DerbyEast Midlands
(British Isles)
735BBC GloucestershireWest

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