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NB: This is historic data 'Top Up TV launch 2004'

DTT channel list

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LCNChannel nameTypeMuxHoursComments
3ITV 1TV224hr
4Channel 4TV224hr
6ITV 2TV224hr
7BBC THREETV11900-0600
10BBC FOURTVB1900-0600
11Sky TravelTVC0600-0100
12UK HistoryTVC0700-0100
14E4Pay TV21600-0359
15Ch 15PlaceholderATBA
16QVCTVA24hrWidescreen and text service planned
17UK GoldPay TVA1200-0050
18The HitsTVD24hr
19UK Bright IdeasTVD0600-1800
22Ch 22PlaceholderDTBA
24price-drop.tvTV224hrExpected to be temporary until More4 launch
25TCMPay TVA1900-0459
26UK StylePay TVA1800-2259
27DiscoveryPay TVA1200-2259
28Discovery H&LPay TVA0600-1159
29UK FoodPay TV21000-1559
32Cartoon NetworkPay TVA0600-1759
33BoomerangPay TVA0500-1159
40BBC News 24TV124hr
41ITV NewsTV224hrExpected to be regional/widescreen in the future
42Sky NewsTVC24hr
43Sky Sports NewsTVC24hr
44BloombergPay TV20500-0959
45BBC ParliamentTVB24hrQuarter-screen with text
50Teletext on 4Data224hr
51BBCiData124hrFurther improvements expected in 2004
53F2P GamesDataD24hrBetting service from YooMedia also expected
54Ttext TV GuideData224hr
55Ttext HolidaysDataA24hr
60Television XPlaceholderA2300-0459Expected to launch after 31st March 2004
70BBC Radio 1RadioA24hrExpected to add interactivity
71BBC 1XtraRadioB24hrExpected to add interactivity
72BBC Radio 2RadioA24hrExpected to add interactivity
73BBC Radio 3RadioA24hrExpected to add interactivity
74BBC Radio 4RadioA24hrExpected to add interactivity
75BBC Radio 5 LiveRadioB24hrExpected to add interactivity
76BBC 5L SportsXRadioBVariousExpected to add interactivity
77BBC 6MusicRadioB24hrExpected to add interactivity
78BBC7RadioB24hrExpected to add interactivity
79BBC Asian NetworkRadioB24hrExpected to add interactivity
80BBC World ServiceRadioD24hrExpected to add DLS/interactivity
81The Hits RadioRadioD24hrExpected to add DLS
82Smash Hits!RadioD24hrExpected to add DLS
83KissRadioD24hrExpected to add DLS
84HeatRadioA24hrExpected to add DLS
85MagicRadioD24hrExpected to add DLS
86QRadioD24hrExpected to add DLS
88Jazz FMRadioD24hr
89BBC RadioRadio124hrExpected to add interactivity
90BBC RadioRadio124hrExpected to add interactivity
91MojoRadioA24hrExpected to add DLS
92Kerrang!RadioD24hrExpected to add DLS
701701Interactive (no direct access)BVariousInteractive video stream
702702Interactive (no direct access)BVariousInteractive video stream
703703Interactive (no direct access)BVariousInteractive data stream
7044TVinteractiveInteractive (no direct access)D0300-0400Data broadcast for licensed receivers
Engineering ChannelHDTV124hrSoftware updates (schedule on website)

Displaying 74 channels