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DTT channel list

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LCNChannel nameTypeMuxHoursComments
1BBC ONE SouthTVPSB124hr
9BBC FOURTVPSB11900-0530
231BBC NewsTVPSB124hr
232BBC ParliamentTVPSB124hr
250BBC Red ButtonDataPSB124hrReduced content from mid-2021
601BBC RB 1TVPSB124hr
700BBC Radio 1RadioPSB124hr
701BBC 1XtraRadioPSB124hr
702BBC Radio 2RadioPSB124hr
703BBC Radio 3RadioPSB124hr
704BBC Radio 4RadioPSB124hr
705BBC R5LRadioPSB124hr
706BBC 5LSXRadioPSB124hr
707BBC 6MusicRadioPSB124hr
708BBC Radio 4 ExtraRadioPSB124hr
709BBC Asian NetworkRadioPSB124hr
710BBC World ServiceRadioPSB124hr
719BBC BerkshireRadioPSB124hr
720BBC SussexRadioPSB124hr
721BBC WiltshireRadioPSB124hr
722BBC SolentRadioPSB124hr
726BBC Solent (Dorset)RadioPSB124hr

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